Welcome to Boana Torre Malibu, Puerto Vallarta's biggest gay and ''hetero friendly'' condo rental building !

Life in Puerto Vallarta

In the gay area of Puerto Vallarta, you will find many activities to keep you busy during the day and the evening.

Boana Torre Malibu is ideally located, close to the gay beach of Los Muertos. This beach is famous for its Blue Chairs which, for years, have been the symbol of the gay part of the beach in Vallarta. Recently, Green Chairs located just by the side have extended the gay beach.

Life in Puerto Vallarta Montreal Rive-Nord Rive-Sud
 Life in Puerto Vallarta Montreal Rive-Nord Rive-Sud

During the day, you can, among other activities, escape during a gay cruise, tour the stores in groups or participate in horseback riding. Reservations for all our activities, as well as those of other gay tour operators of Puerto Vallarta can be made directly at our information office at Boana Torre Malibu.

In the evening, you can walk to one of the many bars, nightclubs and pubs nearby. Nearly thirty gay bars welcome you at Vallarta.

Our information desk is at your disposal to help you make your reservations or to provide any information you need.

Day activities :

  • Beach Club
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Fitness Center
  • Shopping

Nocturnal activities :

  • Tours
  • Clubs and Bars
  • Galleries